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"I passed my SPI test with a high score. You really are the physics whisper! I have also already recommended your course to my friends"
B.N. - Online Course Participant

"I don’t have social media or I would give you a glowing review on there! I passed the SPI boards with a 660 on the first try all thanks to your course! I have a long commute every day so I listened to it in the car and it clarified SO many things that I was previously confused about with ultrasound physics.
Before finding your course, I didn’t even know where to begin with studying for the boards. It seemed so overwhelming. Your videos were organized in a way that made everything “click” and I felt confident going in that I knew the material.
So again, THANK YOU"
K.P. - Online Course Participant

"I just want to let you know that I passed my SPI exam today thanks to you! I struggled with it in the past when I took other courses, but your material was super easy to understand and I took the test with such ease. I wanted to say thank you for all of your support…Again a million thanks!"
R.G. - Online Course Participant

"I Passed the spi exam after using Traci Fox’s course. I was convinced I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I felt clueless after taking the physics course at my program. I stumbled upon Traci’s course and it was life changing. I was able to fully understand all of which I needed for the spi Exam! She is absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful for her course!! I highly recommend it if you’re planning on taking the spi exam."
S. Cook - Online Course Participant

"I just wanted to let you know I passed the SPI exam today! I scored a 695!! Thank you so much for your review! I would highly recommend it to anyone!"…"You are everything they told me about you. Thank you so much!!!!!!! I am learning so much from you. I just wish you were my original physics teacher so I won't be in this place now"…"You explain physics in a way common people understand"…"Your voice is so calming and you have been explaining things to real life words"…"The course was great, I will definitely tell my colleagues about it."

"I just took my SPI exam and PASSED!!!! It was definitely the way you taught your online course!! Thank you so much!!!!!"
Online Course Participant

“I just took my exam and passed with flying colors! I was so nervous, but your class really helped prepare me. So I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to come out and teach us!”
S.W. - State College, PA

“I’m sure you get tons of emails, but wanted to let you know I attended your review last October. I'm the nurse trying to get my ARDMS certification. I did not follow your instructions and take the test within 4-6 wks--just too much other "stuff" around the holidays. But, I reread your Review several times and took my test yesterday. And. . . I passed with a 648! VERY HAPPY! Thanks for helping me pull it all together.”
P.H. - Virginia

“Well i did it! i past the SPI! it seemed easy too. LOL!”
B.D. - Brooklyn, NY

“The only reason I have passes my physics ARDMS exam is Traci Fox. I had failed physics many times before and the way Traci teaches makes it easy to understand and fun, yes I said FUN. I have passed and now I am finally RDMS. I am taking another class that she teaches and I know the class will be great. Thank you Traci !”
K.C. - Bensalem, PA

“Hi Traci, I recently took your coarse and PASSED my SPI exam. Thanks! It has been over 8 years since I took the original physics exam. I was a little intimidated at the thought of taking physics again. Your seminar was EXCELLENT!!! The small class size paired with your teaching style was just what I needed to boost my confidence.”
A.F., Phila., PA

“I took and PASSED the Physics exam!!!! Thank you for the best review ever. I have tried other reviews, obviously without success. Your review puts all the information in basic everyday terms making them easy to remember. The small class size is also a plus. “
L.H., Phila.. PA

“I passed my test!!! Thank you so much, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't make it.”
I.W., Phila., PA

“I just passed my SPI Physics exam. I received a 631 out of 700. I am very happy!! Your course was very comprehensive and informative. It was very refreshing to have someone that has a real passion for teaching Ultrasound Physics. Frankly, you inspired me to want to do well on my exam. You have a great way of presenting the information that really helped me make sense of key concepts of Ultrasound Physics! I am well on my way to studying for my RVT. Thank you very much”
B.R., Lancaster, PA

“I Passed! ! Score of 624/700 THANK YOU!!!!!!! At age 59 I wasn't sure it was possibe THANK YOU”
P.B., Phila., PA

“Just got back from taking Physics and I passed. I am so excited. I thought your course was great, especially the way you present the information. Best $195 that I have spend.”

O.D., Timonium MD

“I took your class on Sunday, Oct. 11, for the SPI review... Just wanted to let you know that I just got home from the SPI test- and I PASSED!!!!! Literally, I just got home a half hour ago! I studied your syllabus and listened to my recorder from your class- and PASSED my Physics in one shot!
Thank you so much for breaking down Physics in a way I could understand!
I've told many people about your class, and I believe my friend is taking your next class in February! I assured her she would pass if she went to your class!
Again, THANKS SO MUCH! I put it off for years because I was terrified and now it's behind me!
C.B., Philadelphia, PA

"I would like to just let you know you are the BEST!  You have a great personality and are a gift to all of us attempting to understand this seemingly OBSCURE physics stuff.  You made the subject very approachable and less intimidating.I am certainly going to tell everyone with a transducer to go to one of your seminars!! Thank you again for all your help."M.D., Bloomingburg, NY 
"I haven't looked at a physics book since 1999, which is when I took the UPI exam. I registered for the SPI exam to obtain my RVT. I registered for your course and just reviewed a very little before sitting in your lecture. I felt so comfortable after you lecture. Things about physics which made not a bit of sense to me, finally I was able to understand and not just memorize. I owe a big thanks to you for being such a great speaker. You have a great gift!I PASSED the exam today by looking over your book and questions and reviewing the Davies questions.Thanks again for making physics enjoyable, not fun but enjoyable and semi painless. HAHA!"K.H. (Trevose, PA)
"I took your review course 2 weeks ago in PA. I wanted to let you know I passed it with a 567.  It was my first try and I didn't think it was as hard as everyone said it would be.Thank you for all your help. You made it seem so easy & it kinda was!!! I definitely would recommend your class to EVERYONE!!"M.O. (Forked River, NJ)
E.B. (Philadelphia,PA)

I finally passed physics!!!!  YAY!!  I'm RDMS!!  I passed back in June.  Thanks for all your kindness and hard work and dedication to all of your students.

"Traci, Just wanted to let you know I PASSED my physics !! I went to your review on the 22nd... I  just took it today this was my fourth time taking it and I really think you saved me from my fifth. The book you gave us should be the bible for US physics.
Once again thank you soooooo much"
K.M. (Glen Mills, PA)

Traci, just wanted to let you know that i took the test this morning and passed with a 630! Thank you for being a great teacher and explaining it in a way that i could understand. Keep doing what your doing.

"I went to your courses this winter - both the physics review and club 555 - in preparation for taking my boards.  I took physics for the first time this weekend and passed with a 675!  Just wanted to say thank you for your concise notes and easy to understand explanations.  The practice test you made is very similar to the exam I took."
S.M. (Macungie, PA)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. I passed my physics this weekend and now I am RDMS. Yippy!!!!!!!!!!! You truly helped me achieve my goal. Thanks again and keep up the good work helping others."
A.M. (Voorhees, NJ)

"I took the physics boards today for the FIRST time and passed with 619!!! Thank you so much! Your class and review session definitely helped me a lot. Your notes are very easy to understand and organized. I will surely recommend you to others that's for sure :-) Again, thank you very much, you are a great teacher !!!"
C.D. (Mt. Holly, NJ)
"I took my physics boards today and I passed.I got a score of 630 ( 555 passing score, Range 300-700). The only review class I attended was yours. It really helped me."
L.K. (Abington, PA)

"i passed my test not only did i pass but i passed with a 663 the best day of my life thank you for all of your help. being a mother of three under 5yr old  i thought i would never do it just because how busy i am with them alone. your material not only helped me pass but i passed with a great score.your course is a perfect 10!!!!!!"
M.K. (Philadelphia, PA)

"Your review was what helped me pass my boards. I took it 2 weeks after the course and passed with flying colors. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I will definitley pass on the info to my coworkers for the next course."
J.W. (Philadelphia, PA)

"I finally passed my vascular physics after taking your review. You have made the hard concepts seem easy. It is such a relief to have this behind me."
D.H. (Richboro, PA)

"I took your course in October 2006 and last week passed the physics exam my first time with a 590. Your course organized the material to make it more understandable. Thanks.
S.R. (Hulmeville, PA)

"i went to your seminar a couple weeks ago for physics and i recently took my boards and passed with flying colors and i just wanted to thank you cause your class was very helpful.  so thank you so much."
T.F. (Glendora, NJ)

"I PASSED!!! 582 !!  first time taking!!!... 
thanks so much,  IT"S OVER!!!!"
K.C. (Annapolis, MD)

"More personal, easier to understand"
"Excellent Learning Experience"
"Feel real confident this time. Not as lost"
"Information was easier to understand"
"It was a great review"
"Presented in an interesting manner. Excellent review. Would highly recommend to other sonographers."
"Easier to stay awake and pay attention"
"Well organized, simple to understand"
"Smaller and more personal"
"Great review"
"Made [the] materials much easier to understand"
"Small class size. Could ask more questions."
"Put things in simple terms"
"Difficult material presented in a way everyone could understand"
"The content of the review seemed just right, not too much information"
"Great examples and explanations"
"I heard your voice in my head during the exam. It really helped!"